While there are other budding centres of Bitcoin activity, and embassies in each of the great cities of the planet, this grand edifice stands unique as a philosophical philanthropic institution removed from the busy business of city commerce and provides a gathering nexus for the Bitcoin community to indulge in a more organic lifestyle. These accommodations are planned for Bitcoin dignitaries to engage each other in luxurious surrounds conducive to respite and retreat, contemplation, and the more strategic thinking such environs are destined to inspire. -Joseph Vaughn-Perling, The Business Forum Journal

Malla Manor is the first luxury hotel in the world that is designed to function seamlessly with the new currency Bitcoin. National currencies, as well as gold and silver, are accepted, but only the Bitcoin technology allows previously unimaginable possibilities starting from humble one-click room service and ordering, with no end in sight. We are committed to be in the bleeding-edge of the implementation of the newest Bitcoin possibilities, while passing the cost savings resulting from its use to our guests. Today, in the middle of rough but beautiful Estonian countryside, Malla is developing into the premier boutique hotel in the country, with aspirations to serve the most demanding customers across the globe, bitcoiners and other style-seeking travellers alike.

Malla is located only 4 km away from Kunda, a small town. County capital Rakvere with full services is 30 km away. The distance to Tallinn port or airport is 110 km and takes only a little more than 1 hour by taxi thanks to the new Tallinn-Narva freeway.

The grounds give the fitting backdrop for the impressive Manor House and the other buildings that serve as the Hotel complex. The Malla Manor Park, the walled garden, several walled courtyards, and the ceremonial front yard total 13 ha. The total area of the premises is 52 ha.

The stone-built Manor House was last completely refurbished in the 1880s, and is now being renovated to its former glory and above. With 3500 sqm floor area and 80m facade, it is one of the largest manors in Estonia. When completed, it will house 14 rooms and suites, ranging in size from a cozy 25 sqm to the opulent 450 sqm Satoshi Grand Suite. The rooms are designed to be an intriguing combination of meter-thick walls, sky-high ceilings, and most modern amenities.

Our motto, “Luxury, Comfort, Service” acts as a guiding star in everything we do, starting from the acquisition of the site, all the way to the minutest detail in the rooms and in the service. With us you are welcome, if not expected, to share your wishes concerning the stay in advance, so that everything can be arranged exactly the way you prefer. We want to make sure that even 2 nights’ stay in Malla equals complete relaxation.

Malla is first mentioned in the annals in the 1200s, and a castle (later: Manor) has been on the site since 1443. The oldest parts of the current buildings date back to the 1600s. Malla Manor has always been the ultimate prize for conquerors, repeatedly assigned to the most important and beloved friends of the kings and emperors. Marshal of Sweden Gustav Horn has owned it, as well as the highest-ranking Danes, Russians and Germans during their eras. In 1999 Malla was sold into private ownership and the path towards its new glory began.